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Live Webinar: Improving Stock Management – WSSI and OTB

Inventory control is something that should be front-of-mind for anyone in retail. Understanding what you have, what you need when and when stock is going in and out can help lower costs, reduce tied up cash and prevent losing sales. Constant inventory issues (frequent backorders, etc.) can drive customers to other suppliers entirely.

The bottom line? When you have control over your inventory, you’re able to provide better customer service. It will also help you get a better, more real-time understanding of what’s selling and what isn’t.

A WSSI allows retailers to manage their inventory based on sales forecasting, actual sales made, and stock information. A WSSI can support accurate forecasting, and keep markdowns to a minimum.

Today, companies that have no real control of their stock will lose out on sales opportunities on one end while tying up too much capital in stock on the other. Whether the goal is to reduce stock, ensure stock availability or to improve cash flow – it all begins with having the right transparency to make better business decisions.

Join bdg for a live webinar ‘Improving Stock Management – WSSI and OTB’

Join bdg for a live webinar ‘Improving Stock Management – WSSI and OTB’ on September 17 at 10am BST to learn how to effectively incorporate the power of WSSI and OTB systems into daily business operations and the decision-making process, making it easier to quickly gain powerful business insights and act on them.

Attend this webinar to discover how:

Business Intelligence Planning Haken blue

WSSI and OTB processes and systems can help you forecast your stock requirements better,

Business Intelligence Planning Haken blue

To free up capital tied up in stock by understanding demand better and adapting stock cover accordingly,

Business Intelligence Planning Haken blue

To simulate different demand and stock management scenarios and their impact on your cash flow and the bottom line.