What is Qlik Sense?

Qlik Sense is a data analysis platform. Qlik Sense allows you to analyse data and gain insights. You can also share your insights with others and analyse data in groups and companies. Qlik Sense lets you ask and answer your own questions and draw your own conclusions. Qlik Sense is a way that you and your colleagues can make decisions together.


What can Qlik Sense do?

With most Business Intelligence (BI) products, you can answer questions that are clear from the outset. But what about the questions that come up unexpectedly? The questions asked after someone reads your report or looks at your visuals? The associative possibilities in Qlik Sense allow you to answer questions in turn and choose your own path to the result. Qlik Sense lets you explore your data with just one click, gain insights at every step and determine the next step based on the knowledge gained.

How does Qlik Sense work?

Qlik Sense offers various display options for your data. Qlik Sense does not require any predefined and static reports and you are not dependent on other users. You just have to click and draw your conclusions. Qlik Sense immediately responds to each click, and updates every visualisation and view in the app based on the recalculated data and visualisations that depend on your selections.


The app model

You do not have to deploy and manage large-scale business applications. Simply create can make your own Qlik Sense apps that you reuse, edit and provide for others. The app model means that you can ask the next question yourself and find the answer without having to ask a specialist for a new report or visualisation.


The associative possibilities

Qlik Sense automatically manages all relations between the data and presents the information using a colour scheme in green/white/grey. Selections are displayed in green, linked data in white, and excluded (unlinked) data in grey. This instant feedback leads to new questions and you can further investigate the data and learn from it.


Cooperation and mobility

You can also work with colleagues through Qlik Sense, regardless of where and in what time zone they are. All Qlik Sense features, including opportunities for association and collaboration, are available for mobile devices. With Qlik Sense you can ask and answer your own questions – regardless of where you are, even with colleagues.

Support by bdg

Since 2004 bdg works in the field of Business Intelligence. Convinced of the hughe value of graphically processed data, we support our customers in using a Qlik platform to giving them greater transparency and entrepreneurial success. Part of our job is to build the BI concept, implement the software, and make customizations. Furthermore, we are available for ongoing support. Regardless of the industry, we work for medium-sized and large companies as well as for various organizations.

How can we support you?

Whether you want to introduce a Business Intelligence solution in your company, or want to extend an existing application, bdg is your partner.

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