Partnership between Qlik and Jedox

The global partnership of Qlik® and Jedox AG has been successfully realized since 3rd August 2016. Both companies were recently honoured by Gartner analysts in their respective fields – Jedox in the “Magic Quadrant for Strategic CPM solutions” and Qlik in the “Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics platforms”.

“Jedox’s business partners and Qlik have increasingly asked for closer integration to take advantage of both innovative technologies,” said Kay-Ingo Greve, CEO of Jedox AG. “I am very pleased with this important step in a common direction. The partnership with Qlik is an ideal combination to provide customers and distributors with a single-source business intelligence and enterprise planning solution that can simplify their complex planning and budgeting processes.”

“The partnership with Jedox responds to the growing demand for flexible visual data analytics solutions and powerful enterprise planning capabilities that empower business users to deliver relevant information and insights immediately,” said Toni Adams, senior vice president of partners and alliances at Qlik. “The collaboration between Qlik and Jedox allows companies to gain better insight into their financial data and metrics. In this way, decision-making processes are accelerated, from which companies can gain considerable competitive advantages.”

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Qlik – Jedox connection

How to complement Qlik with Jedox planning, data collection, and collaboration capabilities, beyond BI

Looking back at actual and past data using Business Intelligence is the first step in intelligently controlling processes. Take the next step towards agility to control your business efficiency in a targeted manner. For experiences are only valuable if you derive future decisions from them. Learn how to increase the value of your Qlik BI solution with true corporate performance management and benefit from accurate, fast and consistent planning processes. Relieve your IT department with easy-to-use interfaces to Qlik and support users from the financial and technical departments.

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Analytics, planning and reporting with Qlik and Jedox

Qlik includes excellent data discovery and reporting capabilities for the analysis of historical data to help companies understand what happened and why it happened. Jedox seamlessly integrates Qlik with powerful planning and predictive analytics to help you see what’s going to happen and control your business accordingly. Make decisions no longer because of your gut feeling, but on the basis of well-founded forecasts.

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Functioning of the Qlik-Jedox connection

Jedox and Qlik access unified in-memory assets to give you data insights whenever you need them. Jedox can read exported Qlik data and write back directly into the .qvx format so that you can connect heterogeneous historical data in QlikView and these can be used directly in Jedox for forward-looking projections. Easily create personalised reports and dynamic dashboards with Qlik to gain insights from massive amounts of data. Emerging out of BI, Jedox gives you the ability to plan your costs, flexibly adjust forecasts, and visualise results directly in your Qlik dashboard.

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Business Intelligence & Corporate Performance Management

The intelligent combination of Business Intelligence (BI) and Corporate Performance Management (CPM) makes your BI system a competitive tool and gives you a 360 ° view of your business. Qlik has very good data discovery and reporting capabilities to analyze historical data so companies understand what happened and why it happened. Jedox seamlessly integrates Qlik with powerful planning and predictive analytics to help you see what’s going to happen and control your business accordingly. Make decisions no longer out of a gut feeling, but on the basis of well-founded forecasts.

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Jedox Corporate Performance Management

The integrated Jedox platform allows business users to systematically analyse and report historical data, as well as generate forecasts and plans. The powerful multi-dimensional Jedox OLAP server not only supports high-performance analysis and meaningful reporting but also restores data to the central database. This opens up extensive possibilities for planning and forecasting solutions.

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Qlik – Business Discovery

Qlik’s Business Discovery concept enables all users to gain an overview of the data and business processes themselves. Workgroups, departments and entire business units access all the data they need and make better decisions. Qlik BI can penetrate the entire company so that all users can work faster and more flexibly than ever. Qlik allows each employee to put together exactly the data needed to solve tasks and to adhere to their schedule.

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Examples of the planning use of Jedox

Access consistent data and business logic with Jedox and Qlik to increase the efficiency of your business processes.
Your salespeople can create accurate forecasts of customer sales that are broken down to the product level based on historical data. The sales manager can use this information to plan the stocklist or the Bill of Materials.
Your ERP employees can independently plan product sales by sales unit. Financial Controlling can seamlessly access the centrally provided information and create the budgeting of the individual branches as well as the central cost allocation.

Stay well-connected with your Qlik system landscape

Jedox can read exported Qlik data and directly write it back to the .qvx format so you can connect heterogeneous historical data to Qlik and use it directly in Jedox for forward-looking forecasts.
Power users have access to the powerful statistics tool “R” and can integrate their statistical analysis into the Jedox Excel visual analysis environment.
You do not have to load all of your data – just load the data you need and drill through to each transaction.
The flexibility of Qlik and Jedox means that you can scale your system to fit even large datasets. This flexibility is the perfect complement to Qlik’s data visualisation or Jedox’s scheduling capabilities.

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