Custom-made visualisations

The BI software offers sophisticated visualisation options for reporting, including dashboards. Dynamic charts are also possible using JavaScript and HTML 5. The transfer of the representations into the MS Office applications Excel, Word and PowerPoint is quick and easy.

Detailed adjustments of the colour tones for visualisations is also possible so the design of the reports can be aligned with the corporate design of the company if required. You can set preferences for a consistent design by defining style sheets. For the design of dashboards, there are traffic light functions that make critical developments visible at first glance and signal the need for action.

In conjunction with the dashboards, the tool also offers a drill-down function. This means that the measures displayed on the dashboard can be broken down into upstream levels. This makes it possible to understand the causes of certain developments.
There are ready-made modules based on proven application models for the start of BI use. These so-called kick-start modules can be used if needed for a quick start. They can be combined and adapted to the individual requirements of the company.

Integrierte Planung mit Jedox
Jedox Visualisierung Mobil

Unrestricted mobile use

The BI platform is optimised for the Web and available through the cloud without client installation. Using the platform is possible with all mobile devices without any restrictions, whether smartphone or tablet. The software supports the “German Cloud” from Microsoft Azure. This ensures a high level of data security according to national standards for German companies.

The mobile availability of powerful BI software is a major plus point for many users. All planning, analysis and reporting tools are fully available to authorised users, even outside the company. Sales representatives and buyers benefit from this as do managers or business users. As a basis for negotiations, up-to-date information and analyses are available at all times.

Access rights management is based on single sign-on. An integration of the software into existing IT structures is possible without any problems. The integrated authorisation concept allows precise control of access rights. Complete logging of data or structural changes ensures data governance and audit compliance.

Support by bdg

bdg has been working in the field of BI since 2004 and has been a Jedox partner since 2008, which demonstrates our extensive experience and special position in the partner network. We support our customers in using the platform and help them to achieve greater transparency and entrepreneurial success. Part of our job is to build the BI concept, implement the software, and make customizations. However, we are also available for ongoing support. Regardless of the industry, we work for medium-sized and large companies as well as for various organisations.

How can we support you?

Whether you want to introduce a Business Intelligence solution in your company, or want to extend an existing application, bdg is your partner.

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