Secure database from many sources

The framework for all applications is a uniform application interface and a central database. This data can be processed from many sources, such as relational databases, data warehouses, legacy systems, clouds, or office files. The merging into a uniform structure takes place via multidimensional databases. Thanks to this data integration, users can access the data regardless of the source. Data connectors simplify access to frequently used sources. The software supports write-back to your own database and relational data sources. This means that any changes to data, models, rules, and structures are incorporated into any related application. Analyses with the BI software, therefore, always depict the current state of affairs.
The effects of individual changes are also immediately recognisable. Among other things, this is a prerequisite for simulation processes and planning. The BI software guarantees the consistency and timeliness of the underlying data. This is an important requirement for reliable BI applications and a big advantage over conventional Excel evaluations.

BOARD sichere Datenbasis

Uniform security rules also exist for the entire platform. There is a three-layer process that meets very strict requirements. The first layer concerns authentication and controls who has access to the system. The second layer refers to authorisations. These are special rights for certain users. A third layer regulates the responsibilities for security management.
The technological basis of the BI software is the database technology HBMP (Hybrid Bitwise InMemory Pattern). This fully exploits the potential of InMemory technology in terms of flexibility and scalability.
The BI tool is globally scalable to a large extent. It is ideal for large international corporations with large amounts of data and 24/7 active users worldwide. The management of time shifts and simultaneous processes also play a role.

Powerpoint Add-In

Comfortable input functions

Special general input functions of the Business Intelligence software already support efficiency, flexibility and data security during data entry. This allows validation rules to be defined for all input values. Setting different user roles ensures that only authorised users can see or enter specific data. The fixation of cells allows one to deliberately prevent the change of these data.
The reverse algorithm transfers updates in calculated fields to all underlying values. Entered quantities can be distributed on a barrier layer according to previously defined assignment patterns. This can be useful, for example, when breaking down planned values. All data updates are automatically followed by synchronization with the database.
Another great feature is the fact that the created analyses, reports and objects can also be exported to the MS Office programs Excel, Word and PowerPoint if required, for example, for presentations or text documents. Data updates are automatically transferred, and the object also adapts to the Office document. Excel is also suitable for data entry, and this is also possible offline. The synchronization takes place as soon as there is a connection to the BI platform.

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Since 2004, bdg has been working in the field of Business Intelligence and has implemented numerous customized BOARD solutions for different clients. As a BOARD partner we support our customers in using the platform to help them to achieve greater transparency and entrepreneurial success. Part of our job is to build the BI concept, implement the software, and make customizations. Furthermore, we are available for ongoing support. Regardless of the industry, we work for medium-sized and large companies as well as for various organizations.

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