Integrated business planning with Business Intelligence

The Business Intelligence tool offers the best prerequisites for integrated business planning. The consolidation of all planning activities takes place via the IBP platform. Even for planning tasks, the uniform database and the automatic compliance with a variety of relationships are a great advantage, as important information can flow in without contradiction and based on real-time data. The planning processes are, therefore, very efficient and provide sound and reliable results. Thanks to HBMP, the powerful InMemory technology, even complex models and very large amounts of data do not present a problem. The data models can be adapted during the planning process. An unlimited number of plan versions and scenarios help to monitor developments and compare plans.

The BI platform provides workflow management to support integrated business planning. This facilitates the creation of planning steps, as it allows logic and approval requirements to be defined, such as validations, alarms for certain events or cell fixations. If necessary, it is possible to integrate the observation of the workflow into a dashboard. The Rule Engine allows users to create models for typical processes without programming knowledge. Such processes include reconciliations, calculations, consolidations, assignments to drivers or multidimensional data entry. This means that unlimited scenarios and plan versions can be created for corporate management without any problems.

Integrierte Unternehmensplanung mit BOARD

Strategic planning using the Balanced Scorecard

A popular instrument of strategic corporate planning is the Balanced Scorecard. Based on various company perspectives, it sets target values for various key performance indicators. To define sub-targets for upstream levels, these strategic plan values are broken down into upstream levels.

Business Intelligence software includes scorecards and roadmaps specifically for this form of strategic business planning. This also makes sense within a BI system because the concretisation of strategic objectives for partial planning can be carried out there simply, quickly and correctly.

With existing tools, it’s easy to communicate, map, and monitor high-level goals across the enterprise. Breaking key performance indicators down to more detailed levels enables strategic business goals to be transferred at the departmental, team, or staff level.

In addition to defining and sharing targets, the platform also allows monitoring of the degree of goal achievement at each level. The tool offers alarm functions when critical values are exceeded. In this case, the display can vary in colour or reports are sent automatically to responsible employees. If the change of targets becomes necessary, the adaptation of the subgoals will be done automatically.

Support by bdg

Since 2004, bdg has been working in the field of Business Intelligence and has implemented numerous customized BOARD solutions for different clients. As a BOARD partner we support our customers in using the platform to help them to achieve greater transparency and entrepreneurial success. Part of our job is to build the BI concept, implement the software, and make customizations. Furthermore, we are available for ongoing support. Regardless of the industry, we work for medium-sized and large companies as well as for various organizations.

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