Simple data modeling without deep IT knowledge

Business users can use the various data sources for their analyses without IT support. An interactive function is available for finding the right data and information. Entering search terms gives you quick access to appropriate sources. The search results can be used immediately. Values that are eligible for the respective analyses are available in the side menu. They are easy to drag and drop. The display is in an Excel-oriented environment.

Uploading and integrating data is not a problem for business users, thanks to the integrated Data Fast Service. This allows access to different data sources while maintaining data governance. It also provides functions that manage the self-service data modelling. Options include automatic recognition of codes, dimensions and hierarchies. After data modelling, users can immediately restart their individual analysis. Internally generated data models can be expanded by adding records at any time, while other departments can work on them as required.

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Sophisticated tools for high user-friendliness

The software for Business Intelligence is very powerful and user-friendly. It is ideal for self-service analysis. This means that even business users without in-depth IT knowledge or programming skills can create their own analyses. Even complex tasks typically require no IT support. The BOARD toolkit provides the users with intuitive tools so searching for information, data modelling, analysis and visualization is very straightforward.

The toolkit includes tools for creating and updating databases. There are also various functions available for analyses and their visualisations. Furthermore, processes can be modelled and different capsules developed. Each capsule contains several user-defined objects such as tables, reports, simulation models or filters. These synchronize with each other. These individual combinations can make analysis more efficient. Simply by dragging and dropping and without programming steps, you can quickly develop your own solutions, which can be easily adapted when conditions change.

There are also templates for quick access to the software. These are available for typical tasks. PinBoard, for example, is a platform offering each user a personal space so they can organise individually selected or customised applications. Drill-down and drill-through functions enable ad-hoc analyses with any degree of detail. This means that, if necessary, one can investigate, starting from a certain value, how it came about. The causes of certain developments, for example, can be identified.

The drill-down function can follow the links to the level with the highest level of detail. This might be, for example, an account, a cost centre or a client. Drill-down means that connections can be explored in any direction. In addition, the data mining functions allow trends and patterns to be visualised.

The BI software allows applications to be flexibly developed and maintained by users. This keeps the cost of IT support low. In addition to the wide range of analysis applications, the toolkit also offers functions such as an alarm function or email.

Support by bdg

Since 2004, bdg has been working in the field of Business Intelligence and has implemented numerous customized BOARD solutions for different clients. As a BOARD partner we support our customers in using the platform to help them to achieve greater transparency and entrepreneurial success. Part of our job is to build the BI concept, implement the software, and make customizations. Furthermore, we are available for ongoing support. Regardless of the industry, we work for medium-sized and large companies as well as for various organizations.

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